Happy Birthday Letters balloon- Silver

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Color: Multicolor
Package :happy birthday – 13 letters
Size:16 inch
You need to fill the air using air pump or use straw comes with the pack


Color: Silver
Package :happy birthday – 13 letters
Size:16 inch
You need to fill the air using air pump or use straw which comes with the pack

Happy Birthday Letter Foil Balloons/Happy Birthday Foil Banner is 16″ in size. The ribbon is included in the pack for making happy birthday banner easily and put up as decoration/ photo background. These 13 letters Birthday banner baloon looks classy and exclusive.
NO HOLES AND MISSING LETTERS: We get double checking done in the factory for these happy birthday balloons to avoid holes and missing letters. IF by chance you recieve any peice with hole or missing letter kindly get it replaced soon. We are sorry for the human error.
16″ alphabet balloons CANNOT be filled with helium gas.These only support air and can be hung with ribbon or use balloon glue dot to put up on the wall and use fro your baby first birthday decor, unicorn theme decorations, wife s birthday party, Celebrations for women, office party, dog birthday,Pet supplies, Girls decor.
IT CAN INFLATE AND DEFLATE BOTH:- Kindly see you tube for how to inflate and deflate foil balloons. It can be reuse also if deflated properly. Use any straw and insert in the whole given on each letter of balloon. Silver Balloon looks really elegant.
Silver Alphabet / Letters Foil balloons can create any birthday party memorable for your baby,Friend ,Adult Birthday . It can be used with Foil Curtains, Metallic balloons, Multi color birthday party supplies.
Note: package contains only happy birthday letters – other balloons shown in image are only a sample of decoration


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